Monday, September 12, 2016

winding my way...............

It's been a long gap since my last post, definitely not planned, it just happened.

This morning I finished winding up the last part of a skein of yarn.   Most of the winding went smoothly, then some twists.....and  then a  plate of spaghetti yarn to unravel.  This pretty much covers my summer.  The time has been productive, a bit creative and thoughtful.

Are you ready for Fall?

Sunday, July 17, 2016

July and where is summer????

For July most days feel more fall like.  Compared to the extreme temperatures and water restrictions of previous years this is just fine.  Mind you it means fewer patio days as the winds gusts through and it gets cold....and there is something just wrong with sitting in longs and sweaters in July!

And my blog friends no I haven't forgotten my blog, just sidelined with other things.  It's all good.

Friday was fun.  We met our daughter, son in law and grandsons at the zoo.  Of course before the animals it's straight off to the playground for some exploring.

Time out for snacks.   The benches are re-purposed from  Expo 86. 

The crew headed for the reptile house.  I stayed outside and collected some beautiful feathers, took photos and people watched.  It was a definite no thank you to looking at snakes.

The zoo has changed over the years, owners, name, animals and how much it costs.  Way back when as the Vancouver Game Farm  the entry fee was modest.  Things change.  It's now the Greater Vancouver Zoo, no longer family owned.   Not as many animals but kids enjoy it just the same.  Now it's either foot, pedal or mini train to go around the site.  In year's past you could also drive through the site. This is no longer the case, so all aboard the train.......

to view the sights and sounds of the zoo.  Things change, things stay the same.  Definitely a good day.

All for now.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day

Remembering Dad.

Happy Father's Day.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June welcome

I'm a bit late with a June post, it's already the 7th...the days seem to fly by.  Last week it was damp and rainy mid week and by the weekend, hot, very hot (low 30's C).  We pulled out the portable ac and set it up to discover that a very important piece was missing...a clear length of plastic hose.  Now I recall seeing it during the garage clean up/clear out....no points for remembering because in the meantime the water coming out  of the ac port would mean emptying the temporary cup way too often.  An old hose and duct tape worked, well sort of till DH headed to the store for the correct hose tubing.  All is well, no puddles and it's humming just fine.

As much as the benefits of ac are lovely, the early morning quiet with the open door to the cool air is bliss.  That and a fresh cup of coffee. Well the silence is broken as the puppy of the house has decided that the Dad of the house should be up, let's get this day started!  Life through the eyes of a puppy, eat, play ,make noise .. repeat then nap.

I'm part way through a sewing project for an exchange.  It's coming along quite nicely.  Hopefully I can assemble and mail the parcel by the end of the week.  It is nice to have some time to make things.

Our big pictures plans at least for now see us staying where we are.  The real estate market is over the top and prices so out of reach for most folks. We are very fortunate to live on one level ground floor unit.  We're near to everything yet still enjoy a faraway feel while sitting on the patio.

For me there are more better days.  The sadness is being replaced with memories and happy thoughts. Finding reasons to smile and laugh, it is a work in progress.

Friday, May 27, 2016

in the early morning

4 bells and I'm up and enjoying a cup of coffee.   It's not even light outside and the birds are going through a chorus or two of morning song.  And inside all is quiet....the stillness is a time to ponder...

Yesterday marked the close of the sale.  #207 awaits new voices and visitors.  And it was five months ago to the day that this whole journey started with Dad being taken to hospital.  It feels like a lifetime ago.  As much as I'd wish different, there is no going back.  Today, tomorrow and always I will miss my parents.

Today we start the next chapter, a new page.....and where to begin......     De-cluttering will continue. In the past few months it has been use it (or find it a home) or lose it (donate it) and for the most part the process is working.  Working well in fact till I rediscovered  my wool/cross stitch/craft area and then progress stopped.  Much easier to put the lid(s) back on and move on to other stuff for the moment.

Outdoors we've managed to make changes on our patio.  DH rebuilt the gazebo from my parent's balcony.  We have yet to decide on a sun cover.  In the meanwhile the outdoor drapes have gone up along with a string of mini solar lights around the top.  As for the growing garden there is more to do. Last week I did splurge on a mini water garden arrangement.  The half barrel is plastic.  It's been placed on a wheeled platform (thanks Dad) so moving it is much easier.  Not sure if we'll add goldfish but I'd still like to find a mini water lily.  Everything takes time and planning....and moving from a to b to c ......akin to moving the furniture indoors.  

It's rained overnight.  The air is fresh and it's getting lighter now.  I'm ready for my second cup of coffee.

welcome to a new day!  Make it a good one.

SAL Stitchers Days of Christmas

I started this SAL in 2012 with Nancy R. It's coming along quite nicely. I've chosen to stitch one over one. Would anyone like to join us?