Saturday, April 1, 2017

April showers

In recent weeks my blogging seems to have missed the mark.

Daylight savings again, spring arrived and thankfully winter has ended.  Even on the last day of winter we had morning hail/rain and snow showers.  Enough already of the white stuff!   And yes, it's back to rain for us, at least we seen green and signs of spring.

Here's a bit of what has kept me busy.....

stitched gifts sent


Mail art stitched and sent.  Inside pocket and outside back of the envelope.

Next up, something new for me, an embroidery SAL.   In my effort to use from stash, the redwork became blue.   The crochet edging is vintage.  My grandmother made this edging years ago.  I've a few more pieces tucked away.  It's taken all this time to find the right home to place it.  Nan would be pleased with my choice.

Socks, who would have thought that it could be done.....March 21st I cast on stitches and embarked on a journey of dropped stitches, picked them up, lots of muttering and more or less figured out the heel and gusset stuff.


And then things went awry  heading down to the toes......

a tad short but a finish just the same (March 31st).    I'm already thinking about knitting a pair.  This one will be my "where did I go wrong".

With my slow stitches, anything goes.    Thus far there are eight fabric blocks with applique shells and flowers.

Behind the sink....the mango seed sprouted

It doesn't take long to grow up and out.   There is almost daily growth.  

Out the patio door, a bit of spring.  Simple pots purchased, well worth the wait.


And last but not least, snow garland.  For all the snow that fell since December this was the only time we saw this garland effect.

All for now. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

finishing up

Somewhere along the way I realized that I hadn't posted what I made for the Santa Swap....

a small reversible bag  .......chocolat  inside and out.

hand applique/hand quilted, my efforts are are humble and heartfelt.  There is something so nice about slow stitches.  I'll never be a quilter but I'd love trying this.

Eco dyeing project.  Fabric panel sewn and carry bag made.  There were other made/bought goodies but I missed a photo.  It was a fun swap.

We're back to rain and milder temperatures on the west coast...hopefully the worst of winter is done and we can look forward to spring.

Have a good week!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Family Day (BC holiday yesterday), ready for our family lunch. 
 After the photo, the cake was moved out of site until it was time for 'let's have cake'.

As for a photo of two boys together and the cake.... this is it!

Mom and the boys, priceless.

the boys......our joy

From my last post as promised a photo of  the Christmas Tree quilt.  
A photo truly doesn't do it justice.  It is a treasure.

Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Come Saturday morning.......

and no snow in our forecast!  Definitely a nice change.Yes there is still a lot of white stuff on the rooftops but so much better than we've had in the past week.

This is a bit of a catch up.  Be warned many photos to come.....

Christmas 2016, well it's a wrap.   Many hand made ornaments grace our tree.  And many of them are gifts received, thank you dear friends.


Treasures..... new,  a 3D snowglobe Christmas card  and family ornaments from Christmas's past.

An exchange gift received from Mary B.  Santa Sack Swap is an annual event.  I can't express enough my thanks to my partner.  Nestled behind the JOY banner is a Christmas Tree quilt that Mary made.  I will treasure it always.  A full size photo to follow.

Part of a gift made for my daughter.   Hand made brings happiness.

Winter snow

Breaking out the hedge.  A little fellow could get lost out there.

And yet more of the white stuff.

Recent visitors


footprints in the snow  and we discovered they belong to....

And the attitude I got for providing a bit of food.  I kept my distance, as did the cat.  In all the cold and snow it only seemed right to help out a bit.

And the men of the house...


Over the hedge the snow is really going away. Several dump truck loads hauled away and they're not near done yet.

And the noise doesn't seem to deter the hummers.

and finally, if you followed to the end of this post....when ideas come together


wine coasters with some hand applique, a birthday gift in the making

and a mug/wine rug for me.  Seldom do I make something just for myself.  

and that is a wrap!  Happy weekend to all.